Research and Development department has always received the highest amount of investment since the foundation of our company in 1998.  Our experienced and Professional team is showing tremendous efforts to breed, test and commercialize elite inbreds and hybrids every year.

It is estimated that there will be 9.6 billion people living in the World by 2050.  Keeping this in mind, Polen Seed is investing an important part of its capital to R&D department every year.  Our target is to generate products that are tolerant to diseases, insects, tough conditions such as drought, high heat, and other out of the ordinary climatic conditions.  We are working very hard to do our part for feeding the World.

Besides internal efforts, our company cooperates with many domestic, and international universities, research institutes, and centers in order to support our R & D program.  In addition to our corn breeding program, we have extensive product development programs for sunflower, peanuts, italian ryegrass, sorghum, alfaalfa, and sweet corn in many countries.

We have exported our branded products that are generated from our breeding program to 25 different countries commercially, and 8 additional countries for testing & registration purposes.