Our state of the art seed processing facility, is built on 38.000 m2 land, and expanded over the years to one of the top 3 highest capacity seed processing facilities in Turkey .   We continue to invest in new technology to increase efficiency, lower energy consumption, increase quality and respect the environment at the same time. Our warehouses are isolated with sandwich panels, and climate controlled for preserving the seed quality.

In addition to our seed processing needs, Polen also provides 3rd party processing service to local, and international seed companies.  Due to our high reputation, experienced production team, and high capacity, Polen is able to service 3rd party customers with top quality service.

We use the latest technology equipment, techniques to produce our seeds with top quality.  Our state of the art seed processing facility has a capacity of 1 million Units (50tk).  Seeds processed in our facility has been exported to 25 different countries in 2021.