Polen Seed has shown tremendous efforts in developing its international markets since the early 2000s.  Our motivation always kept increasing due to the continuous generation of new high performing products from our R&D program.

We continue to market and register products in different geographies like Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, N.Africa and the U.S.A.   Our wide range of maturity group products (FAO 350 – 800) has allowed us to work in these different geographies where corn production continuously increases.

In all the different markets we do business our first priority is “TRUST”.  We have given the utmost importance to create Trust, and Win&Win situation with all our customers first.

We never forget that sales that do not satisfy the customer are “lost sales”.  We will never forget that customer satisfaction is the key to continuous, and healthy business relationship.

Foreign Trade Officers – Contact Information

Efe Kutay

International Business Manager

Area: U.S.A., Europe, Middle East
Phone: +90 532 746 56 44
Mail: [email protected]

Askar Kalykov

Area: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Phone: +90 533 705 7153
Mail: [email protected]

Mehmet Çümen

Area: Uzbekistan
Phone: +90 530 317 75 39
Mail: [email protected]

Kemal Güngörmüş

Area: Georgia, Azerbaijan
Phone: +90 530 666 91 25
Mail: [email protected]